Mercedes McDonald Draws the Morning!

This delightful piece was done for a children’s book awhile ago. Mercedes has captured the whimsy and delight of a beautiful sun struck garden. Fantastical
images pop up everywhere and inspire one and all that life is wonderful,
and that there is always a new beginning every day.



Catherine Huerta Draws a Sea Storm!

In this illustration Catherine Huerta has captured not only the severity of the situation, but the terror that was going on in these kids heads. They were facing their own mortality! Out on the mean seas alone to their own devices. Catherine did not miss a nuance here. She has illustrated countless books,not to mentioned all the work that she has done for design firms, advertising agencies and and clients direct over the years.



Andrea Jensen Draws Hillary Clinton !

Andrea Jensen really captures the essence of Hllary Clinton don’t you think? Regardless
of your preference for president, Hillary has out out performed her competition over and
over again. Andrea for that matter has as well. She has illustrated likenesses for high
profile clients like Lauren Hutton and Target to name just a few. She loves color too, so
if you have that special project that requires spot on recognition , color or black and
white- give us a call!



Rik Olson Draws Escher!

Rik Olson has managed to tune into M.C. Escher’s phenomenal way of juxtaposing spaces into mysterious and elegant patterns. Rik’s use of line clearly demonstrates his ability to convey the true spirit of M.C.Escher, a master of modern day print making.


Roger Chouinard Draws for Washington Post!

Roger Chouinard  once again wowed with his conceptual abilities as well as his artistic ones. Roger was commissioned to do two illustrations for the Washington Post . The pieces accompanied a story in the Travel Section about the perks of traveling. Eating good food and drinking great wine. What a delight!


Jiong Li Draws the Snowy Owl!

Jiong Li has captured the poignancy of a little snowy owl that could break your heart! Jiong has a long list of people who rely on him to create the perfect image for the project at hand. This piece  was done for a delivery firm in San Diego called Lynx as a holiday promotion.



Roger Chouinard Draws the Caribbean!

Roger Chouinard has distinguished himself as an artist who combines whimsy with elegance. His conceptual ability takes his work to levels that astound his clients. Here  he has added the element of wood to signify water. Add to that his economy of line and color that teases yet informs the viewer. Roger did this piece recently for the Travel Section of the Washington Post, art directed by Matthew Callahan .