Vigg Illustrates Big Bad Wolf

Once again Vigg masters the the concept with vigor and humor! He did this piece for Premier Magazine a regular client of his in Canada!


Wade Harris Illustrates for Saveur Magazine

Wade Harris’s work for Saveur Magazine made it into the upcoming Print’s Regional Annual!

Good work Wade! Your clients are always more than satisfied with your work~

Marianne Chevalier Participates in Quebec show

Marianne Chevalier has been participating in a show in Quebec that runs through September 5, at the Galerie r3 (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada.  For more information see the link below.

Renee Nault in the Woods

This stunning piece was done by Renee Nault for a group show in Toronto. The theme of the show was “Once” and the name of the piece is “Once we lived in the Forest.”

Mercedes McDonald – Freedom

Mercedes McDonald did this piece for a book called “Cups and Scales” by J. Briggs using a combination of watercolor and pastel on wood.