Kevin Cross Creates the Oxoloxo Monster !

This piece was recently featured in two interviews, one by the Artfuls and the other for Juxtapoz Magazine

“In the dead of night, The Oxoloxo strode into town. Some folks say that she is one of the legendary titans of the ancient world.  Regardless, many believe that she is the harbinger of humanity’s doom. The truth is…The Oxolox just wants to party.” by Kevin Cross.


Vigg Illustrates the Power of Adaptability!

Vigg’s humor and conceptual ability is once again expressed in this piece that he did for Premium Magazine in Canada! Take the leap to see what lies ahead!

Mercedes McDonald Draws Shoes!

Just like all women, Mercedes McDonald loves shoes and cannot resist the urge to draw
them! She also likes to wear them and has a closet full to prove it!



Roger Chouinard Illustrates for ALM

Roger Chouinard recently worked with the American Lawyer Media Partners LLC, for their Corporate Counsel Issue October 2011. The concept is that nowadays corporations are using in-house lawyers to cut costs. Art Director: Morris Stubbs.