Rik Olson -“Off the Press” Art Show!

Rik Olson was recently asked to curate a show for the  South Lake Tahoe Community College Haldan Gallery. He and an artist friend are putting together a group of 17 printmakers, all different styles and mediums which should make for an interesting show!  http://www.ltcconline.net/art/


Melissa McGill -The World in a Book!

Melissa McGill is an avid reader as well as a world class illustrator! She  considers reading an integral part of one’s existance-as it opens one’s eyes to the world!

Exhibition with Marianne Chevalier !

“This image is part of a collective exhibition called Peut mieux faire. The concept was to create a piece from a cheap school notebook called cahier canada. This kind of notebook is used since many decades in Canadian schools till now. So we were 60 artists to use this kind of notebook as a starting point. The other constraint was to evoque Quebec city.”

“For myself, when I think about Quebec city, I think of the wind. Because the city is located on the top of a rock near the Saint-Lawrence river so there is a lot of wind. I did a collage from the pages of this notebook with photocopies of my hair. So I did a little character with the wind in his hair”
Written by Marianne Chevalier

The gallery were the show stands is :

L’Oeil de Poisson
580, Côte d’Abraham,
Quebec city, Quebec

The show will be there till 18th December 2011

There is 2 links of the exhibition:



Roger Chouinard ‘s New Book!

Roger Chouinard has created an Artist Picture Book called PLAYBOOK Fun with Found Objects, which he has created from found objects which he has been compiling over the last few years. He incorporates an array of old , used or discarded objects that he finds along the beach , in back alleys, or from a friend who knows his devotion to the oddities of life. It is a book of amusements and playfulness-important for all of us! He is in the process of finding a publisher for it both in the US as well as in Japan.

Andrea Jensen Illustrates One of a Kind Book!

The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men by Kathleen Chloe Cahoon, offers single girls the tools in which to meet and interact with European men-including places to go to find them! The author goes from country to country offering all kinds of useful tips including how to stay safe! It is also filled with some hilarious real-life stories from each country.