Roger Chouinard Illustrates for AARP!

Roger Chouinard did this piece to show the fragility of the Medicare system at this point in time. A political and social “hot potato”!


Melissa McGill Illustrates a Pig!

Swine Flu- a curse to mankind , gets a dose of  humor here by Melissa McGill! It’s a promotional piece that she drummed up  one day when she was feeling kind of under the weather. Luckily she snapped right out of it after doing the piece!

Catherine Huerta Does Animatics!

Catherine Huerta illustrated  these grapes for  one of the advertising agencies that she worked with in New York. This piece was essentially a “rough” which she later went on to finish.

Toronto Draws Tintin

Renee Nault was thrilled to participate in a fundraiser sponsored by The Beguiling, and in her words “the best comic shop in Canada!” Her painting is a homage to the cover of Le Lotus Bleu.