Vigg Manages the Wolves!

Once again Vigg does an outstanding job illustrating for Premium Magazine! With this piece he depict the importance of leadership and success when dealing with tensions in the workplace!


Kevin Cross Illustrates For Comic Magician Amazing Jonathan!

The illustration shown here is one of the illustrations completed by Kevin Cross  for the packaging of a novelty toy line for the eccentric comic magician, Amazing Jonathan.

Wade Harris Illustrates for Wellls Fargo!

Wade Harris was asked to illustrate this spot for the Mortgage Department of Wells Fargo,describing  part of the qualifying process.

Renee Nault ‘s Tribute to Maurice Sendak

This illustration is a tribute to “Where the Wild Things Are“.  This was created while Renee Nault listened to an interview by Maurice Sendak.

Catherine Huerta and the Year of the Dragon!

This painting, inspired by the wall of Nine Dragons in the Park Beihai in Beijing, is the fifth collector’s card for the French Post Office.  It celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dragon, 2012.