Marianne Chevalier’s Pooka for the Glasgow Print Studio!

It was during an artist residency for an exchange between Engramme and the Glasgow Print Studio that Marianne Chevalier created a series of silkscreen printing images, principally inspired by Scottish mythology.  She won the LUX award for this particular pooka in Quebec and it also appeared in the US -American Illustration.


Roger Chouinard Illustrates for Blue Cross!

Roger Chouinard’s imaginative style suits this concept of the Sweet Tooth to a tee!  Images of sugary sweets bounce through our heads. Sugary sweets bounce off our teeth and make them fall out!

Mercedes McDonald ‘s Pastel Cup!

This cup is fit for a queen ! This is a commission piece that Mercedes did for one of her private clients, done on sandpaper with pastel! Mercedes has a vast collection of beautiful cups and has illustrated some of them.  Sometimes she throws elegant tea parties where we are all privy to seeing them!

Renee Nault Illustrates for New L.A. Times Saturday section!

Renee Nault just did this piece for a brand new section of the Los Angeles Times . Each week they tell a story of human interest on the last page of the section. This one was a story about love gone wrong-a very sad story!