Wade Harris Participates in R & R!

Operation R & R is a National non-profit organization designed to provide help to our
service men and women, as well as their families upon return from duty. They
provide complimentary vacations for families, so that the reintegration to their
former lives is less stressful and happy!


Andrea Jensen ‘s Portrait of Yoko!

Yoko Ono’s image was one of many that Andrea Jensen did for the Serfitt Cloye Gift Catalog called Just Enough of Too Muchby Bob Woodiwiss. This piece highlighted a piece about how Yoko Ono’s meddling brought about the demise of the best band ever. It is for you to decide….

Vigg illustates for A+ Magazine Again!

Whether we like it or not, it is important to put a a “good face” or a professional face in social medias.
Remember that old phrase “you can’t change a first impression”!

Catherine Huerta Paints Spring Flowers !

Catherine Huerta paints a close-up of the fields of spring flowers, for the regional park “Queyras” in the Alps. In the Autumn, this mature field is harvested to make hay for the Alpine cow, sheep and goats. The artwork will be used for signs as well as for printed material that inform tourists.

Rik Olson ‘s Illustrates the Oakland Diocese Crest!

Rik Olson just revised the original Cordileone Crest to reflect the particular symbols of the Oakland Diocese-The Cathedral of Christ the Light! The original crest was that of the Bishop’s , when he was the Auxiliary Bishop in San Diego.

Agnes Yi ‘s Sweet Shoppe!

This painting by Agnes Yi , was inspired by Norman Rockwell’s piece called The Runaway. These two girls are just having fun,dishing the old fashioned way in an old fashioned Sweet Shop! Highly reminiscent yet totally reinterpreted by Agnes.