Melissa McGill Illustrates Black Enterprises!

The work place is difficult at best, but when one does not know how his or her boss regards them , it could make things much worse. This illustration depicts the fact it is important that you understand how your boss perceives you. It could be totally different from what you think you are putting out there!


Marianne Chevalier Creates for L’attisee Band!

L’attisee is a traditional band in Quebec. Marianne Chevalier created this CD for them – highlighing a
beautiful old building in the country ,weather vane and all, with the band’s member peeking out,
creating beautiful music!

Mercedes McDonald Illustrates Lexi!

Mercedes McDonald has composed this exquisite portrait of her niece Lexi, using graphite,
watercolor and metallic ink on poured plaster. It captures a gentle, childlike moment in time,
that many of us might like to ocassionally return to.

Will Nelson’s Blueberry Extravaganza!

Doesn’t this illustration make you want to go right out and buy blueberries? Will did this packaging
job awhile back with one of his  regular clients. It is so lovely that it could be framed and hung on a wall! In the kitchen perhaps. …