Viggs’ illustration for A+ Magazine

This piece illustrated by Vigg emphasizes , the importance of being prepared for those times when the unexpected occurs! And doesn’t that seem to happen just about all of the time these days?


Renee Nault Composes “Daydreamer” !

Renee Nault’ s work oftentimes encompasses a languid weightlessness, like the floating worlds of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, with their repeating pattens and shapes. I think that she perfectly captured that here. The artwork was done in watercolor, acrylic and ink.

Kevin Cross Imagines a T.V. Animation Concept!

Kevin Cross has illustrated this piece called Bobo vs. Candyland, to emulate what he envisions as a cool T.V. animation show! His concept is a metaphor that the sweet and good can overpower the mean and heartless!

Roger Chouinard Illustrates for Corporate Counsel Magazine!

Once again Roger Chouinard has captured the concept of how corporations are making
a concerted effort to not only make the workplace green, but the products that they sell.
Wouldn’t it be fun to have a tree to look at during one of those boring meetings?