Melissa McGill Illustrates a Glamorous woman doing an Unglamorous thing!

The subject of smoking should be explored, until that time that people finally realize how deadly
it is for their health. It is only then, that the big tobacco companies will change their tune,
and perhaps take up another endeavor. We can only hope!


Wade Harris loves to draw Wild Hogs!

Wade Harris created this piece for the Workbook by using pen and ink and coloring it digitally.
This hog is an example of Wade’s ability to create bold, graphic images that practically jump off
the page!

Mercedes McDonald draws her cat Pinky!

One elegant cat was Pinky! Mercedes McDonald’s beloved cat lived until the age of 21.
Never to lose her composure in public, she once lost her footing while walking on a fence!
She quickly looked around to see if anyone saw her falter, then continued on.

Catherine Huerta’s Warbots, Cyborgs & Drones

Under a full moon, Catherine Huerta presented a series of cyborg portraits for a new installation in the
city of Troyes France. The mayor showed up with her entourage. It was an evening of pure theatre !

Rik Olson’s Magnificent Rhino!

Rik Olson has created this lovely beast by making separate plates and then piecing them all together. He recently featured this piece in a week-end show called “Art at the Source”. Notice the different types of imagery on each plate. Vitality and pizazz this rhino has!