Melissa McGill ‘s Work on IPhone Cases !

Melissa McGill did this piece ages ago for a Las Vegas sign. It is a departure from her usual digital work,as it is acrylic on paper .It is now featured on the It is now featured at the Society6 store online and used for IPhone cases and prints. It is time to run out and get yours as they are sure to sell out soon!


Roger Chouinard ‘s Candidate’s Sculpted Heads!

These busts were constructed by Roger Chouinard for an animation pitting the two candidates together. Roger Chouinard has the ability to nail likenesses in any variety of ways ie. collages, acrylics, and sculpture. The puppet show has to be a blast!

Catherine Huerta draws the Seventh Wolf!

Catherine Huerta finishes a portrait painting in oils commissioned by Danielle Bour, a very well known illustrator in France. The title of the painting is “In Search of the Seventh Wolf”!

Renee Nault ‘s Graphic Novel Witchling!

This new graphic novel  of  Renee Nault ‘s  is going to have alot of cats in it!  No surprise here as she
is a cat person!  Much like myself I might add. More images from this book will be posted.
Stay tuned!