Marianne Chevalier Illustrates Bluebeard!

The Tale of Bluebeard is aptly executed here by Marianne Chevalier. The dangling bloody key to the secret room is exposed by Bluebeard’s wife. She essentially has found the room where the dead bodies of his other wives lie ! No matter how hard she scrubs off the blood from the key she cannot do so. When Bluebeard returned from one of his many wars , he  discovered that that one key was missing and threatens to kill her. But before doing so her two brothers rushed in and kill Bluebeard! The wife went on to marry a wonderful man, and with that she lost her sense of curiosity!


Melissa McGill Draws Fed Chairman Bernanke!

Love him or hate him he is still a force of nature! His policies are controversial,but he
gets an A for effort in my book! Melissa McGill has characterized him as a devil! Devil
or angel,it looks like he will be here for awhile longer.

Wade Harris Draws Oranges Groves!

One thing is true, and that is that Wade Harris knows his way around an orange grove!  He did a series of illustrations for a citrus client of his in the Carolinas. Don’t you want to just pick an orange and start peeling?

Andrea Jensen Does Photorealism!

This piece was done by Andrea Jensen for a show that she had in Minneapolis.
She used this piece for the invitiation. It was done in pencil, and it was
shot at the Foshay Tower observation deck.