Vigg for Premium Magazine!

Vigg did this image for Premium Magazine in Canada , to convey the idea of the benefits of local sourcing for local growth. This is a win-win situation for communities in any number of ways. Keep it close ,support your local community and furthermore, save the energy that is generated trucking essentials in from far off places!



Roger Chouinard for Caring Today Magazine!

Roger Chouinard did this piece for Caring Today Magazine,about care givers helping their patients by going to their homes for assistance. In times like these when money for services is scarce,in-home care can be much more cost effective than nursing homes.


Bea Crespo Envisions Happy Days!

Bea Crespo,one of my new Spanish artists , did this piece to illustrate those things that exist that we cannot see. She describes it as a giant holding the stars for us, like a kite. It is a gratifying image in times like these, when we are best served by reaching for the stars !


Cachetejack Interprets an Aspect of Overprotection!

This piece was composed by Cachetejack to illustrate how far some parents go, to to keep their children warm and cozy during those fierce winter months! Bundling up the kids as best they can, gives a sense of relief to parents in any number of ways. Cachetejack did this  piece for  for an exhibition in Berlin Germany last October.


Marianne Chevalier for the UCLA Health System Magazine

Marianne Chevalier was commissioned to illustrate an article  about how important it is for doctors to be compassionate , especially at difficult times. This image aptly depicts the feeling of such in a warm and caring manner.