Catherine Huerta Draws a Medicine Woman!

Catherine Huerta ‘s color pencil drawing is a portrait of a medicine woman and her son. This is a piece that she did for a book that she is planning on publishing in France. In this piece she illustrates the rich nurturing spirit of healing . The connection between the two is integral to bringing about the change. It is ¬†magical and it is spiritual !Healer-Huerta


Melissa McGill’s Ancient Painting Technique!

Melissa McGill loves to dabble in different mediums. Here is a shining example of such! This piece was done using an ancient method called “encaustic” which is beeswax mixed with a pigment. A far cry from digital and a charming way to shake things up abit!

Dick Cole ‘s Plein Air Illustration!

Dick Cole did this illustration for an ad agency in North Carolina for one of their real estate/developer clients. Dick captures not only the magnificence of the the lush landscape, but also gives the viewer a look at the painter who is thoroughly engrossed with what he is creating.


Andrea Jensen Portrays Fictionalization!

In the Gift Catalog ‘Just Enough of Too Much” by Bob Woodwiss, Andrea Jensen illustrates the concept of fictionalization. This is a depiction of that concept for anyone who has dreamed of say being a character involving Juliet of Romeo and…? Andrea Jensen’s rendition of such in my estimation is,¬† just enough of too much!