Roger Chouinard for the Peabody Reflector!

Roger Chouinard illustrated this cover for Vanderbilt University’s Reflector Magazine. It reflects Roger Chouinard’s ability to juxtapose divergent elements in a descriptive as well as in a harmonious manner. You can see that he enjoys putting playfulness and imagination to work!



Renee Nault Does Alice in Wonderland!

Renee Nault did this piece as well as a companion piece for a show in Victoria B.C. The ┬áCuriouser Gallery featured the show for the The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective , a group show of divergent artists and styes. Renee’s piece in my opinion must have been a standout! It represents a time honored fairy tale, in a modern motif, mixed with mirth and excitement!


Wade Harris Illustrates for PG&E!

Wade Harris did this piece for PG&E a local power company, depicting an instance where having the lights out can be both energy efficient as well as fun! He utilizes this style in a conceptual way, daring the viewer to lie back and relax!


Cachetejack Writes a Book About Love!

Cachetejack my Spanish duo , wrote a book last year called “Because Love is Something More than Kissing” in English. The idea for the book is about how people fall in love and perhaps spend years together without any passion or happiness! Nonetheless they ┬ástay together because many people are fearful of change. These two don’t seem to be having any problems!