Bea Crespo for Expansion Magazine !

Bea Crespo illustrated this piece for a Mexican magazine called “Expansion”. The text talks about big company directors,who must come back to traditional principles, to be interested in culture, books and communicate all of this in humanistic ways to their employees. I like the way that she creates this concept in such a clean and sophisticated manner!



Mercedes McDonald for “Cups and Scales”!

Mercedes McDonald illustrated the book “Cups and Scales”- a book about dieting. As we see here, Red Riding Hood is avoiding the dough wolf and the temptations that he has created. The piece is watercolor and pastel on wood. From the look on her face it is difficult to determine if she successfully escaped!

Freedom - finished art - color adj

Agnes Yi ‘s Nordic Scene!

Agnes Yi loves traveling almost as much as she loves illustrating. Here she is showing us the beauty of both the architecture as well as the scenery of Bergen Norway. I think that it conjures up both a sense of tranquility and order. A place where people live their lives in a less hectic manner than many of us do?


Marianne Chevalier for Notre Dame Magazine!

This is one of the illustrations that Marianne Chevalier did for Notre Dame Magazine , for the “Cross Currents” section, which runs a series of short stories. This particular piece depicts an alumni talking about returning back to the campus for a class reunion. This can be a stressful experience . It can also be eye opening and it can be loads of fun –┬áif taken with the right perspective!