Rik Olson’s “A Look Back” !

Rik Olson lived in Florence Italy between 1968-1976. While there , he did a series of photographs that were on display a the Palazzo Strozzi. He also did a series of etchings using the studio Santa Reparata, which were inspired by the photographs, also shown at the Strozzi. The etchings and the photographs were just displayed together,”A Look Back”at the Graton Gallery where is his part owner. A beautiful and sentimental experience for Rik Olson and for those who attended the show!



Cachetjack for Postureo!

This illustration was done for a Spanish site called Postureo , a platform that talks about the behavior of young people. Here it is talking about how much time is spent before accepting a friendship petition for Facebook. It looks like some multi-tasking is going on here….


Roger Chouinard for AARP!

Roger Chouinard’s series of illustrations for AARP made it into the SPD show , where he was given a merit award for illustration. According to the Interim Design Director Cathy Kelley to Roger,”you should take a deep bow and pat yourself on the back. I’d do it , but I can’t reach that far!
Way to go!” Here’s a peek of one of them….


Catherine Huerta’s Sci-Fi Image!

Catherine Huerta was one of 50 Sci-Fi artists who were asked to do a personal interpretation of a Marvel Comics super villain called Doomsday. He’s a terrible miscreant who kills Superman! An art book featuring all of the submissions will be printed and featured at an upcoming Sci-Fi Fair. Catherine puts a spin on his desire to scare , while seemingly enjoying it at the same time!


Dick Cole for Soy Vay!

Dick Cole illustrated this piece for a division of Clorox called Soy Vay, a line of Asian flavors originally inspired by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy! Their mutual love of food inspired a line made up of of secret family recipes ,using only the finest ingredients and no preservatives-thus a kosher twist on a time honored variety of  Asian sauces and marinades.