Mercedes McDonald Has a Thing for Shoes!

Mercedes McDonald has created these magnificent shoes that conjures up all kinds of memories from the past. For instance,they could have been dancing shoes during those wild days of Prohibition. Or they could have been the shoes that Glinda the Good Witch from the “Wizard of Oz” wore, while employing her vast knowledge of magic! Mercedes used found wood and oil paint to create these rather ghost-like shoes!



Bea Crespo for Mia Magazine!

Bea Crespo did this piece for a very popular women’s magazine in Spain called Mia. This illustration accompanies a story about how one is to accomplish one’s goals for the New Year! Doesn’t life resemble a house of cards, especially when changing our time honored habits which may not be serving us? I certainly relate-do you?



Vigg’s Self Portrait!

Vigg’s wild and humorous interpretations of things in our world can be classified as unique and thought provoking! Here he has taken on himself as the subject matter. His head is emphasized as it is the place where all of the ideas emanate from. The three hats symbolize his various talents such as concepting , illustrating and now creating text for books that he is writing! Two of his hands are relaxed and the third appears to be reaching for something, maybe for more inspiration fueled by the stars he is surrounded by….


Wade Harris for the Roanoke Island Project!

Wade Harris was commissioned to do a series of illustrations for the Roanoke Island Project last year. Here is a ship from the 1580’s that was part of the project. The series composed of 11 pieces were commissioned by Mystic Scenic Studios in MA. The designer was Mike Biddle who guided Wade Harris in terms of ambience and style. I think that their combined effort resulted in a masterpiece!