Melissa McGill Goes Back in Time!

Melissa McGill created this image of a female factory munitions worker from the WPA archives. Melissa paired it with a vintage dress pattern to give it some extra punch. The color details are encaustic , a lost art using beeswax and colored pigments. The surface is then manipulated¬† to form and encase the image. In this case Melissa has also used clear encaustic to seal the image. Doesn’t it bring back thoughts of that era like big band music and food rationing?


Vigg Creates Electro Love!

Vigg just created a series of 12 greeting cards which he will be launching in September .
This particular piece celebrates love and life moments with simple shapes and vivid colors!
Once again Vigg has outdone himself in terms of demonstrating that he can fulfill a concept ,
utilizing economy of imagery in a powerful and graceful manner!


Marianne Chevalier Illustrates Paris!

Marianne Chevalier did this illustration for a section of the Notre Dame Magazine, “Cross Currents”, which consists of a collection of short stories. This magazine is for the University’s Alumni Magazine. This particular illustration accompanies a story about a recent grad who spent a semester in Paris. From the imagery it looks as though there was alot more than learning going on! And aply, so as Paris is a learning experience in itself!


Renee Nault’s Epic Novel “Witchling”!

Renee Nault recently participated in the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. Here you see Renee signing copies of her new surreal-horror epic novel about gods, monsters, and a girl who talks to cats-along with small personal vignettes to go with her signatures. The illustrations that accompany the book are beguiling and masterful. Renee Nault’s novel was cited as one of the top three books introduced at the festival.The books are selling like hot cakes -bookstores cannot keep them on the shelves! This is just the beginning of Renee’s literary career!


Rik Olson Draws his Grandparents and their Vintage Thor!

Rik Olson’t grandfather was a steamroller in the 20’s. Here he is with his wife and their Thor motorcycle-one of the hippest hogs of the day! Don’t they both look happy , about to experience the breeze in their faces? The irony here is that in the next century , their grandson Rik Olson a world class printmaker , would be creating artwork using a steamroller in lieu of a letterpress! The 10th Annual Roadwork Steamroller Printing Festival will fall on September 29th this year form 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the prints will be for sale. Check it out at Wouldn’t Grandpa and Grandma be proud?