Dick Cole’ s Private Commission!

Dick Cole did this piece as a private commission for a client who admired the Purina barn and wanted a watercolor rendition of it . The rustic beauty as well as the magnificent countryside is captured by Dick precisely. I think that just looking at it can transport one to a tranquil and calming place.



Roger Chouinard Illustrates for USC!

Roger Chouinard recently illustrated this piece for the University of Southern California for their USC Dornslife Magazine Spring/Summer issue. USC students go into classrooms as a community outreach program to collect pennies for worthy causes . Some of these causes are depicted in the flowers which include helping the homeless,  supporting animal welfare ,the health of the planet, medical research and the elderly . Roger has added his own mirth to the piece by including a lady bug and a worm , illustrating  the importance of nature to sustain the money tree!


Catherine Huerta’s Botanical!

Catherine Huerta illustrated this medicinal plant called the Helleborus or “stinking plant”, which produces green flowers in February and March . In the Middle Ages it was used to treat insanity. More recently veterinarians used it to treat animals for worms , until it was deemed too dangerous. All parts of the plant are toxic and can cause havoc to one’s system, including delirium. This painting was one of a couple of illustrations for a Medical Plant series, for a company in France called Promoplast that produce calendars, posters, and other products for the medical industry.


Rik Olson Catches a Glimpse!

Here is another linocut that Rik Olson recently did for his “Looking Back ” series. It emanated from photographs that he took while living in Europe in the 70’s. This one, which he refers to as the”Egg Lady of Augsburg”, was taken at an outdoor market in Germany . This woman was an unwilling subject ! Whenever Rik went for a shot she turned around, so what he ended up with were about 20 shots of the back of her head! He finally caught her face which displays her annoyance! Rik’s persistence is a minute example , of the time and tedium that encompasses what he had done and perfected during his illustrious career !