Marianne Chevalier ‘s Medical Angel!

Marianne Chevalier  did this illustration for Ste-Justine Publishing for a children’s hospital in Montreal. Once again she has captured the ethereal quality of nature  and objects and has created a child with butterfly wings. Conjuring up the idea that despite all odds this child will rise above and become whole!



Bea Crespo ‘s Sunny Pattern!

Here is Bea Crespo’s tribute to summer 2013 called “Sunny Pattern” which is part of her personal project that can be viewed at Visit the site to see many more pieces that Bea has concepted for the project. And remember, even though Labor Day has come and gone there are still a few more days left to soak up the sun and have some fun!


Agnes Yi Concepts the Atkins Diet!

Agnes Yi did this illustration depicting some elements of the Atkins diet and won a Capric Unleashed Award for it! See how she treats carbohydrates-they are banished into the air, out of the house, and out of reach of the people craving them! I know this diet and it is not fun, but it does work no matter who says it doesn’t!


Andrea Jensen Draws Keanu at the Pool!

Andrea Jensen illustrated this piece for a gift catalogue  published by Serfitt & Cloye “Just Enough of Too Much” written by Bob Woodiwiss. This illustration is  called Pool Boy of the Month. The book is a spoof on gift catalogues and offers either year long subscriptions, installations, services , or the actual product depending on the subject matter. This particular offer of  $250 million covers the cost of  12 of the  biggest names in Hollywood , to appear at the servant’s entrance on the first day of the month  to perform pool services for one full year. Any takers out there?