Melissa McGill ‘s Abstract Art!

This particular image is part of Melissa McGill’s fine art repertoire. This piece is part of a series that she ¬†calls ‘Choices 1″. This piece contains archival prison shots and a train ticket stub-a stream of consciousness of sorts. She said that she is intrigued with the defining moments :”Everything has a story” according to Melissa!



Bea Crespo Illustrates an Interview with Kodak Exec!

Bea Crespo recently illustrated an interview with the ex-VP of Kodak- Don Strickland.He drew an analogy between the company and a sinking ship, and how managing the situation and identifying the points that led to it -including alot of bad decision making leading to it’s collapse. Bea’s interpretation of the ship , intensifying it as a crocodile really drives the point home!


Roger Chouinard’s Red Balloon Lady!

Roger Chouinard illustrated this image for J Walter Thompson in New York- part of a series of comps for one of their pharmaceutical clients. This piece depicts the horrendous feeling that people with IBS experience. There is always a comical side to every situation, which I think Roger’s conceptual ability has captured here!


Rik Olson’s Painting From Bomarzo!

When Rik Olson lived in Italy he visited the Gardens of Bomarzo, a monumental complex located in Lazio Italy . Created in the 16th century, the garden is composed of larger than life sculptures, some sculpted in bedrock . The one that Rik painted was created that way and is called “Orcus Mouth”. A theory exists that this garden was meant to astonish rather than gratify , such as other gardens nearby. This might be translated as an example of the intellectual upheaval at play during the Renaissance period!

Bomarzo and me

Wade Harris for Fort Raleigh National Park !

Wade Harris was contracted by Mystic Scenic Studios to illustrate various silhouettes for exhibition at the Fort Raleigh National Park Services Center- Roanoke Island,¬† North Carolina. The dramatic “Treehouse” foliage in the visitors center main entrance, was fabricated using silhouettes from an illustration that Wade Harris created for the project.The structures measures over 12 feet tall and includes interactive stations for park visitors. This is a permanent installation.