Rik Olson ‘s “Panning for Words”!

Rik Olson received an Honorable Mention for this piece he did for a gallery in Sebastopol CA., ABZ Etc.-Center for the Arts. It was a juried show that ran this past fall. The theme of the show was to create pieces that characterized letters, symbols, numbers, etc. On another note – the Graton Gallery in Sebastopol of which Rik is part owner , received the Best Gallery award of Sonoma County recently!



Bea Crespo’s Cities of the World!

This scrumptious ice cream cone is a collaborative effort between her and one of her photographer friends. It is a mix of illustration and photography, indicating landmarks of some of the world’s major cities. It conveys the message that life is grand ! It tempts the viewer to take a lick and see how it tastes…..



Vigg Illustrates for Azalai Cards!

Here is another one of Vigg’s series of 12 greeting cards for Azalai a company in Canada! This one is called “Grand Saut” or translated “Big Step”- as in tying the knot in marriage! This is a small but mighty company ,that designs and prints it’s lines in Quebec.They had the idea of creating a series that appealed to the male consumer and Voila, they found Vigg! The beguiling characters are enhanced by Vigg’s silkscreen inspired technique that convey humor, tenderness and whimsy!

grand saut_coul2_flat

Catherine Huerta ‘s Trompe L’Oeil!

Tired of staring at a blank wall? Catherine Huerta was commissioned to transform a wall into a parallel
reality. With acrylic paint , scaffolding , and imagination , this trompe l’oeil was created in 22
days during the month of August in the French countryside