Bea Crespo Suitcases!

This piece is part of Bea Crespo’s series called “Patterns All Around”. This illustration was conceived when she was at the airport on her way to Venezuela. The tight formation and bold color contribute to the sense that one is on their way somewhere new and exciting! If you are interested you can order a skin for your iPhone or iPod-just let us know!



Dick Cole’s Watercolor Landscape!

Dick Cole did this painting called End of Day for an exhibition that he had in Seattle last year.The
inspiration was an old,decapitated farmhouse in Sonoma county where he lives. The captivating
beauty and sense of mystery is deliciously seductive. It sold almost as fast as it was hung-no wonder!



Roger Chouinard ‘s Dreaming Dog!

Roger Chouinard recomposed this piece after a job that he did with a slightly different concept. In this instance, Roger has the dog looking out of his window dreaming of chasing a rabbit! I think that Roger has drawn the dog in a manner that connotes how much the dog longs to flee his circumstances and have some fun!


Catherine Huerta ‘s Sci-fi Man!

Catherine Huerta did this painting for Kensington Publishers and is part of ┬áher portrait series of Warbots. This particular one she used for her 2014 greeting card. It conveys the idea that getting to 2014 was not easy! She refers to this Warbot as Samurai Lizardbot and the imagery impresses one with the idea that this guy means business! Happy New Year and don’t mess with me!