Wade Harris’s Skyline Silhouette!

Wade Harris composed this compelling image as a poster and illustration of the Charleston South Carolina skyline. It features a silhouette of the Cooper River Bridge at night , bathed in the glow of a crescent moon. Charleston South Carolina has been named the number one city in the United States for three consecutive years by Conde Nast Travel Magazine. Wade uses pen and ink and colors are achieved digitally.



Jiong Li’s Personal Perspective!

Jiong Li designed this postcard while he was in an MFA program years ago. The idea behind the concept is that he did not necessarily feel Chinese nor did he feel American! Upon reflection he decided that he saw himself as a “Traveler” . I see this as an indication of his profound depth which lends to his phenomenal talent! Not only does he compose imagery , but he uses Chinese Calligraphy to hand letter titles as well as create calligraphic images.


Agnes Yi Loves Valentines!

Agnes Yi did this illustration as part of a series of greeting cards. The joy and expectation
of this holiday card expresses what alot of people find difficult to convey verbally! Especially
those creatures who we love , but who may find it hard to actually enjoy what the rest of us live


Renee Nault Illustrates for L.A. Affairs !

Renee Nault Illustrated this image for the Los Angeles Times L.A. Affairs section- which chronicles
stories of dating, relationships and romance . Writers from the Los Angeles area are invited to submit their experiences . This particular story had to do with a woman in a quandary over which of two partners she wants to settle in with. Renee Nault once again dazzles with her lyrical interpretation of the subject matter, but does not ignore the tension amongst the characters.