Melissa McGill on Shakespeare!

This image by Melissa McGill is a fine art encaustic collage. With Shakespeare’s playbill for As You Like It, she plays around with elements that seem antithetical to the story line. Yet totally credible and somewhat like Shakespeare himself would do,as he reportedly had a comical disregard for simple consistency- according to Wikipedia! Melissa has taken this concept one step forward and has rearranged the elements As She Likes It !



Rik Olson Draws Botanicals!

Rik Olson created this scratchboard illustration for a client years ago. Six lovely cherries dangling from a branch with ethereal leaves, that soothes the spirit with tranquility and joy! Rik has created hundreds of botanicals ranging from food, wine, and herbal labels to name a few. He oftentimes utilizes his vast experience with his signature wood cut style.


Mercedes McDonald ‘s For a Girl Becoming !

Mercedes McDonald captures the rich , symbolic nature of the book in this illustration following a
girl’s life from birth to adulthood. It exemplifies the importance of community and the sense of
being cherished during those formative years. Mercedes captures the joy and symbolic nature with
this swirling image in an elegant and spiritual manner. In 2010 Mercedes received an Honor Award
from Skipping Stones for her illustrations, depicting both ecological richness and cultural diversity.


Bea Crespo for HR Magazine in UK!

This illustration by Spanish artist Bea Crespo, conveys the concept of how companies allowing flexible hours to it’s employees can benefit families in any number of ways. Allowing people to work an 8 hour day but at times that accommodate the needs of a family, like caring for elderly relatives . Bea has created a graphic images that aptly conveys this concept.