Dick Cole Illustrates a Landmark !

If any of you live in San Francisco you are perhaps familiar with a bar/restaurant on Union Street called Perry’s? It was and I am sure still is one of those places where visitors flock and where residents assemble to enjoy great food and good cheer! This illustration features Michael McCourt , the legendary bar keep , who wowed people with his acerbic yet colorful personality. His brother Frank McCourt , an acclaimed author, wrote Angela’s Ashes that recounts their impoverished beginnings in Ireland . Dick Cole has captured the welcoming atmosphere of this venue to a tee with lush details, which can only be achieved by someone as adept as he!

DC bar


Bea Crespo ‘s Gramophone!

Bea Crespo has taken an image from days gone by and modernized it in her own distinctive
manner! The gramophone was introduced into the United States in 1894 by Emile Berliner,
replacing the phonograph of the time-until years later when a new and improved one was developed. The sound was produced by a horn that piped into a diaphragm which vibrated the stylus. The mysterious man standing at the back of the record , is perhaps removing himself from the shrill and giving his eardrums a rest?


Roger Chouinand Brings Learning to LIfe!

In this illustration Roger has deftly concocted the concept of the mad scientist, who has
devised all kinds of contraptions to energize and electrify the learning process. Electrodes on the sides of a book on a scale,connected to an apparent energy force ,that interacts with another brings this concept to life! Roger Chouinard can take the ordinary and elevate it to a level that fulfills your wildest expectations!

RC B or B