Rhonda Voo ‘s Cut Paper Kitten!

Rhonda Voo loves to visualize all things alive on this planet- including people , dogs, cats, horses, you name it! She did a series of floating animals just because it made her happy then , as it does now! Rhonda’s vivid imagination blended with her loving spirit, let alone fabulous talent, makes for a happy experience for all of us! I hope that you agree?




Mercedes McDonald for U Magazine!

Awhile back Mercedes McDonald illustrated this piece for UCLA’S U Magazine, for the Faith and Medicine section. The concept was based on the Chinese theory of Yin/Yang which can be referenced in the I Ching, the Book of Changes. It illustrates contrary forces in life that are all interconnected. It serves as the backbone of all aspects of Chinese culture. In this instance it it relates to some aspects of Western medicine that interplay with some of the forces of nature.


Bea Crespo for House and Garden!

Bea Crespo did this illustration for a magazine called House and Garden! This piece
depicts the concept of home safety : burglary-free and well protected. The four snow
globes resting on little mounds of snow, convey an insular quality as well as a sense
of warmth and coziness!


Rhonda Voo’s Ice Cream Shoes!

Rhonda Voo, otherwise known as the “Paper Whisperer” for her whimsical and elegant cut paper creations, has another totally unrelated talent. She creates wearable art in the form of Ice Cream Shoes! They were in a show last year at the Grassi-Museum in Leipzig Germany. Now they’re in Berlin in another show. They are also on the Virtual Shoe Museum on the Netherlands website: http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com/rhonda-voo. She also sold 40 pairs to a store in Dubai! Such fun, such genius!

RV Ice Cream Shoes

Agnes Yi ‘s Chameleon!

Agnes Yi you might say , has taken a chameleon’s perspective and juxtaposed the elements as only a
chameleon can do. Amongst their unusual abilities, they can see in two directions at one time! Who
knew? So in this example you see the trees upside down in relation to the imagery below. Agnes has
visually interpreted a very interesting concept ! The use of color and charming elements make for a lovely and informative piece.