Jiong Li Illustrates His Daughter!

My new artist Jiong Li is a designer as well as an illustrator. He is originally from Shanghai , China but currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area. Jiong has worked with a number of high end clients including Sony, American Express and San Diego Gas & Electric .This particular piece is one of two ink sketches that he did of his daughter Clare. Using his unique calligraphic approach to illustration, Jiong creates a bold yet simple and elegant image. A modern yet classic approach to art that teases the viewer to see more!



Rik Olson Illustrates for the Bohemian!

Rik Olson was chosen to illustrate the cover of the Bohemian , a weekly magazine.This particular issue announced the yearly winners of the reader’s poll for “Best Artists”. The magazine is a local resource with over 150 categories of subjects and services. Rik was asked to create a retro theme which I think he totally nailed! Decals were created taken from elements of the cover. Winners received one to display in their stores or at their places of business. Notice that a cow is co-piloting the rocket ship-a vision that can only be seen if you visit this magnificent area!


Dick Cole Draws Rory Kelham of Kelham Vineyards!

The genesis of the Kelham Vineyards is the result that Rory’s son Ham ,after becoming an architect, decided that he was more interested in wine making than designing buildings! Thusly,father Rory gifted son Ham upon graduation with a vineyard! And the rest is history. Dick Cole became friends with the family, Rory in particular while working on various projects, who he characterizes as being a great man! Let’s all raise a glass…


Andrea Jensen Illustrates Elton John Nesting Dolls!

Andrea Jensen illustrated a book called Just Enough of Too Much, a whimsical gift catalogue that spoofs the conventional shopping experience. It offers a collection of literally out of this world types of gifts! This particular image speaks to the Russian tradition of dolls nesting within one another. Here we have Elton John in 5 separate stage outfits. These dolls can be fully nested , disassembled or displayed separately. All this for a mere $28 million! Buy while the supply lasts!