Mercedes McDonald for UCLA!

Mercedes McDonald created this cover illustration for an article in UCLA’s U Magazine called Faith and Healing. This illustration shows a split image of a woman’s face. One side depicting a physician and the other side indicating a woman in prayer. The basis of the article has to do with the fact that UCLA amongst many other hospitals since the 1960’s , have employed spiritual advisors who in fact have become integrated into the medical team . The solace and support that they provide for patients in their time of need has proven time again to be invaluable.




Wade Harris’s Crescent Moon!

Wade Harris has always been inspired by the crescent shape of the moon. One day while doing some sketches the classic Frank Sinatra song “Fly Me To The Moon “came to mind. He got the idea to put sunglasses on the moon and the rest is history. Giclee prints are available 13′ by 13” and like all of Wade’s work it was done using ink and digital color.


Roger Chouinard Selected for American Illustration!

This last April Roger Chouinard was selected to appear in American Illustration , the 33rd Annual Award Book. The submissions were chosen by a distinguished jury of creatives including creative directors , art directors, and graphic designers. These still frames from Roger’s animation short “Car Dog” was one of 384 winners out of a total of nearly 10,000 entrants.! American Illustration 33 will be printed in full color , in hard back and distributed worldwide immediately after The Party and The Big Talk on November 5-6 ,2014. All entrants and selected artists will be invited to both events with compliments. Pretty cool isn’t it?


American Illustration

Agnes Yi Illustrates Bad Parenting !

Agnes Yi has a penchant for the slightly macabre , a sensibility somewhat akin to a Tim Burton for instance! In this piece she expresses the pain and misery of a child who is not parented properly. By that I mean parents who are more interested in their own pleasures than their child’s. The syndrome unfortunately is not isolated. People have children for their own edification sometimes, but luckily usually not.