Melissa McGill for Black Enterprise!

Melissa McGill did this illustration for Black Enterprise Magazine awhile back. The gist of the
article that accompanied it was that one’s image has a direct effect on the opportunities that one
is presented with in life. This includes marketing yourself correctly. The way that you speak and
the way that you dress are  critical. It is an indication of a person’s own self worth and thus
translates into how the world sees you! In this particular instance,  if you get the job or not!

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 11.32.53 AM



Dick Cole’s Farmer Market!

Dick Cole so beautifully illustrated a sunny day at the Marin Civic Center Farmer’s Market in
Marin County – on the other side of the Golden gate bridge from San Francisco. Enthusiastic people
are here picking through booths and booths of delectable produce and other food delicacies. In the
background is the Marin County Civic Center, which is both a local and a national designated
landmark! Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957, it is also on the UNESCO HERITAGE LIST.
The atmosphere is vibrant with the use of watercolor and alot of passion. A placethat anyone of us might enjoy spending a Sunday morning.



Andrea Jensen’s Interpretation of Lena Dunham!

Lena Dunham is one of those people who pops up out of the blue , with a totally original
social commentary on twenty somethings in this day and age! Her series Girls , has aired since
2012 and had received 2 Golden Globe nominations. She is the driving force of the series as
the primary actor, as well as the author and sometimes director . It’s razor a edged look at how
dysfunctional alot of young adults from affluent backgrounds are . She takes risks, she portrays
herself unapologetically .  She is quite the ground breaker in my humble opinion!




Bea Crespo’s Visual Poetry !

Bea Crespo was recently interviewed by Filipa Fabrica of “Ballad Of” an online website in the UK. What transpired between the two was a fascinating – a bird’s eye view of the depth of thought and detail that Bea takes when she illustrates. She thinks about the subject , mentally composes all aspects of it, and at the end ,strips it down until it’s core message emerges. She strives for truth and coherence. I see it , do you?