Rik Olson Draws Point Reyes!

Rik Olson , scratchboard , linocut, and woodcut artist , has illustrated the magnificent Point Reyes Peninsula. A national seashore and natural sanctuary, it has attracted tourists from all over the world. The lighthouse was built to sit below the unusual , high fog area which is prevalent in the winter. Here Rik Olson in my opinion, has captured both the immense beauty of the area, as well as  a sense of permanence and loftiness that the area conveys. A remarkable piece of artwork , testimony to the ability of man and the mystery of nature.



Wade Harris Illustrates Station 22!

Wade Harris illustrated this image using pen and ink with digital color. This lighthouse built in 1962,
has the distinction of being the last lighthouse built by the Coast Guard. In addition , is it one of the
most modern lighthouses in the United States. It stands 140 feet tall on Sullivan’s Island and marks
the entrance to the the Port of Charleston. Wade’s depiction of it is not only dreamy and ethereal,
but accurately displays the landmark structure!


Jiong Li’s Design for UCR Welcome Week!

Jiong Li, illustrator and designer, recently completed a design project for one of his regular
clients -the University of California Riverside. The project consisted of creating a poster to
encourage students to attend a week-long series of events . All of which were associated with
the opening of the new school year. The poster was designed to be seen from both sides, thus
visible from many sites of the UCR campus. The two campus symbols , the University Bell Tower
and the two university mascots Scotty the Bear , as well as the listing of events were included
into the design.The poster has wit and energy in my opinion and I sure was a hit with everyone associated with UCR!


Roger Chouinard Draws the Duck Dynasty Patriarch!

Phil Robertson,family man and former football player went from rags to riches with his over
night success- Duck Dynasty! Born in Louisiana , his innovative duck caller was inspired by his
time on the field as a player. A hunter for a great portion of his life , he was discovered by
A&E a family values reality oriented station . While controversial , due to some unfiltered
comments that he made in an interview in GQ Magazine, the program was suspended for a time.
After consideration because of it’s appeal, the series is going into another season. Roger’s characterization of him is so spot on that even Phil might be impressed!