Agnes Yi’s Glamourous Crocodile!

Agnes Yi was born in Seoul but emigrated to Toronto when she was 14 years old. She has
traveled extensively, and her artwork is inspired by the varying atmospheres she has experienced.
Agnes loves working with gouache as it allows for opacity ,vibrancy, and intensity according to
her. In this illustration she takes what is usually considered a savage reptile and has trans-
formed him or her into a thing of beauty, residing in a fairy tale setting!



Bea Crespo’s Personal Work!

Bea Crespo illustratated this piece called Miedo a Las Altures , or fear of heights ! Here a young girl
appears to be consoled by her horned , tailed and rather nondescript friend! Here they are floating
on what looks to be a platform in the sky, amongst benevolent clouds. Bea has created a story here
that I see depicts the fact that no matter how horrifying the situation, solace is there. It just takes
hope and faith!


Roger Chouinard Illustrates for Private Clubs!

Roger Chouinard illustrated a piece for Private Clubs- a magazine that informs readers of the finer things in life. The section of the magazine The Find, discusses the TouchSmart 600, a 23-inch computer that with the help of an app Recipe Box,  can be used to file away recipes . With it’s voice recognition a recipe can be called up for  details . With this illustration Roger has conjured up the enthusiasm and workability of a device that can enhance the experience of cooking with less difficulties.

Private club mag

Melissa McGill ‘s Multi-Layered Art!

Melissa McGill recently had a solo, one woman show at the Bret Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas.
This was Melissa’s first fine art show which was extremely well received. This particular piece
called Choices was bought by a Las Vegas collector. It’s opalescent quality comes from the layers
of pigment layered wax, juxtaposed with photos and illustrative icons . The process is ancient and
is referred to as “encaustic”. The focus of the painting is the interplay between industry and nature,
an undertaking unto itself.


Catherine Huerta Creates a Masthead!

Catherine Huerta did a number of illustrations for a start-up- Platinum ARK Entertainment a couple of
years ago as an educational ,earth-friendly program for children throughout the world by co-owner Kim Genet . Created by Catherine Huerta for PAE , this masthead conveys the spirit of the company in a dynamic and inclusive manner. Instilling children with earth friendly principles at an early age , is one of the most brilliant and life sustaining endeavors that anyone could encourage. Good for you Kim Genet!