Rhonda Voo Loves Luna Bars!

“Fly Me to the Moon and let Me Play Among the Stars. Let me know what Spring
is like on Jupiter and Mars”…to quote the words from the classic Frank Sinatra
song! These lyrics were her inspiration to create this delightful image! Rhonda,
the self-proclaimed “Paper Whisperer”, has always been inspired by Matisse and
Picasso as well. Her cut paper masterpieces have adorned a wide variety of clients
over the years. Her mirth and sense of joy are superbly exhibited in her work.



Wade Harris Draws the Olde Spanish Mission!

The Olde Spanish Mission in Cypress Gardens , South Carolina made of wood and stucco was a movie prop for The Patriot. Several other movies and series were also shot in this location,including The Notebook and Swamp Thing. Unfortunately,it was only a facade and not built to withstand the elements of time. A severe thunderstorm eventually blew it down. Wade Harris memorializes it in a grand and graceful manner!


Andrea Jensen ‘s Putin!

Andrea Jensen portrays Putin here evoking an expression of deep thought. Vladimir Putin, a
former KGB officer , has been a formidable force in Russian politics when he joined the ranks
of Boris Yeltsin’s in 1999. I think that Andrea Jensen has nailed this man’s disposition and has
captured his resemblence to a tee! With merely a pencil and paper Andrea can create magic!


Dick Cole Recreates Mill Valley!

Dick Cole loves Mill Valley located north of San Francisco across from the world famous Golden Gate Bridge . Here’s an illustration he created years ago which showcases the elegant art deco Cinearts theatre. His attention to details are some of Dick’s talents. The ability to create the mood of a bustling small town is captured to a tee. It is a classic tribute to old town America at it’s finest!