Wade Harris Illustrates for Snap-On Tools!

Snap-On Tools hired Wade Harris to illustrate for their Holiday marketing campaign. An industry leader, Snap-On Tools was founded in Milwaukee, WI in 1920. To date, the company is involved with all aspects of the transportation industry-including hand, air, and heavy duty equipment. This illustration incorporates Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer speeding over the hills from the North Pole in a recognizable Snap-On truck loaded with tools. SnapOn_1021a


Roger Chouinard Concepts Austerity!

Roger Chouinard did this illustration to convey what happens when austerity programs are
put in place. European’s in particular have endured the phenomena of it’s consequences.
The population as a whole is squeezed, or wrung out as Roger so capably depicts here. The
fat cats per usual don’t bat an eye!



Rik Olson ‘s Stunning Take on an Italian Landmark!

Rik Olson lived in Florence Italy for many years early on in his artistic career. Rik Olson and his wife Brita traveled extensively while there. Of special interest to Rik was the gravity defying Leaning Tower of Pisa. Built in medieval times, a mere 840 years ago, it has remained standing, all 14.500 tons of it! Located in the Tuscany area of Italy, it is a visitors delight as it can be scaled, walking 294 stairs of its spiral staircase. Rik Olson has embellished this tower with perfectly executed detail and flourish.