Wade Harris Creates For Saveur Magazine!

Saveur Magazine is a unique experience, as it collects recipes from all over the world , and weds them to the ¬†respective cultures and traditions. Wade Harris, an artist of many talents, created these icons of edible beauty is a shining ¬†example of his talent! Solidly graphic and descriptive of what the magazine was calling for. More of Wade’s work can be viewed on the Workbook online site. Saveur_Magazine_Icons


Catherine Huerta’s Kids in Rafts!

Catherine Huerta created this image for Bantam Books in New York. There are a series of books
called Choose Your Own Adventure for Young Adults. This image was the cover of one of those
books. Catherine has created a pictorial that fiercely expresses the fear that these kids are
experiencing. Her ability to convey emotion is one of her many fortes!


Roger Chouinard ‘s Congressional Bailout!

Emergency bailouts are controversial . In 2008 pro-free market advocates argued
that all that was accomplished was passing the buck on to the taxpayers. Corporate
Welfare, as it has been called for companies that perhaps needed assistance due to
incompetence and/or mismanagement. All in all there were 947 recipients. On a positive
note Chrysler has been named as the poster child of the bailouts. They used the money
to exalt their company and continue to prosper. Roger ‘s leaking rowboat and the fervor
that these guys are displaying visually informs the dilemma! Another brilliant job Roger!


Mercedes McDonald ‘ s Glorious Apple!

Mercedes McDonald has been illustrating children’s books for many years ! Etherial and composed with pastels, the subject matter of the books is oftentimes related to animals or ethnic related subjects. This apple is a departure , and indicates her diversity and ability to bring the same gracefulness and vivid color in a more realistic manner. Mercedes is also a popular teacher at the College of the Canyons. She encourages her students to expand their horizons and find their true artistic voices. Just as Mercedes has! mmapple