Catherine Huerta ‘s Street Art !

Catherine Huerta , woman of many talents, has been participating in a Street Art Project in France.
Here is a partial view of her recent contribution. Catherine not only designs the format but also executes the imagery from start to finish. In addition to this bold, graphic style, Catherine is also expert at trompe-l’ocell-taking a realistic image and morphing it into an optical illusion. Besides that , she has a wide array of styles and has illustrated many books over the years!



Melissa McGill for BLVDS NV Magazine!

Melissa McGill did this fabulous cover for BLVDS NV Magazine for their Jan/Feb issue. The topic of that issue was Wealth and Wellness. Melissa expertly juxtaposed a variety of tantalizing images that
ascribe to a healthy lifestyle . The little piggy bank peeking through connotes the money that is saved ! BLVDS magazine is a community based magazine that serves its readers in any number of ways. BLVDS covers many subjects, as well as being a venue for art exhibits which sets it apart from the rest!



Andrea Jensen Draws Jennifer!

This illustration was done by Andrea Jenson of her sister Jennifer! Here she is riding her bike near
one of the many waterways in the magnificent state of Minnesota where both women hale from- right outside of Minneapolis. Andrea typically works in black and white but is also adept at adding color. As Jennifer now lives in Venice Beach California, this illustration so beautifully executed was done as a sentimental tribute to her beloved sister!



Agnes Yi ‘s Delicious Wedding Cake!

In Portuguese Parabaens translates to Congratulations! This Wedding card was part of a series
that Agnes Yi completed last year.It showcases the delicacy and the whimsy that Agnes always
brings to her illustrations. In this case, art that looks good enough to dive into and eat! May
I cut you a piece?