Rik Olson’s 1930’s Loading Dock!

Rik Olson created this vintage illustration for the Pelligrino Bros. winery awhile back. The winery is in the glorious wine country area of Sonoma county. This particular image was created using Rik’s well known scrathboard technique. Rik is also proficient in wood cutting . Rik Olson is an amazingly prolific artist and more of his work can be seen at annkoeffler.com .

Loading dock2


Agnes Yi Loves the Delights of Winter!

Agnes Yi , originally from South Korea, lives happily now in wintery Toronto Canada! Typically
she spins imagery to reflect her vivid imagination , and sense of delight of all things. Here she has captured a moment in time when all elements , while slightly out of the box, come together in a natural and visually pleasing way. Agnes has a truly unique vision that she enjoys sharing with all!



Rhonda Voo Loves Grey Poupon!

Rhonda Voo graduated from the prestigious Art Center in Pasadena with honors. She has worked with any number of Fortune 500 companies over the span of her highly successful career . One thing that I have found out about Rhonda is her absolute adoration of food! She photographs all of her tantalizing gourmet experiences and posts them regularly on her Facebook page. This particular adorable guy was inspired by her food fueled imagination! Rhonda loves alot of things besides food like  her three girls and  husband. Have fun for all of the rest of us Rhonda. You really know how to live! putpon

Dick Cole’s Drawbridge!

Dick Cole painted this magnificent drawbridge in Wingo out in the baylands in the San Francisco Bay area. It actually raised and lowered railroad tracks ! There was a time when it was used continuously, allowing ships carrying wheat and all sorts of things, to pass along into the ports of San Francisco. As time passed ,the waters have been muddied with silt as a result of the formation of the deltas making it difficult or near impossible to maneuver through. Needless to say ,it stands triumphantly as a work of art in and of it own self. Dick Cole’s flawless depiction of it is a tribute to that which used to be.

Wingo Bridge