Andrea Jensen Draws Hillary!

Once again Andrea Jensen has captured the essence of another well known individual-in this case world
figure! While photography can of course accomplish the same objective, it is not as efficient many times in making the person come alive. Andrea Jensen has worked with some remarkable clients including illustrating the corporate heads of Target and as well as Lauren Hutton and ┬áher make-up line. Andrea’s magic has also graced books as well as installations . If you happen to be in the market for a portrait she is your girl!



Melissa McGill’s Vintage Lady!

Melissa McGill draws as she sees the world! Her imagination is as limitless as the images that
she creates-luminous and overlapping, including symbols, text, and numbers. Some of them may
bleed off the page as though they were just a passing thought. All in all the juxtaposition creates
a harmonious flow of imagery, that provokes the mind to see life in a slightly, possibly a whole
new manner!


Roger Chouinard ‘s Robot Love!

Roger Chouinard’s brain is wired in a way by which he can see something and
build story around it. In this case he was inspired by a small piece of red plastic
and voila , here is what came from it! Roger has had a highly successful career
taking what might seem to be a vague and obscure concept, and bring it to life –
thus conveying a clear cut idea. It informs and it pleases the viewer’s eye at the
same time!

Mercedes McDonald’s Little Cowboy and Blocks!

Mercedes McDonald has illustrated many many children’s books over the years. She has a strong
penchant for children revolving around ecological, ethnic and animal themes. This piece, done in pastels, conjures up a favorite childhood theme of cowboys and alphabet blocks. The sense of playfulness and innocence of children could not be better displayed! I recall these symbols.
Do you?