Rhonda Voo Cuts up the Kitty!

Rhonda Voo, world class cut paper artist and generally all around incredible person is also a cat lover! Here she captures a free falling kitty with a somewhat unexpected grin on it’s face. I think that all cats think that they are born with wings! I hope that this one landed on it’s feet! Rhonda as usual delights the mind and spirit with this rendition. Give us a call so that you can share the experience!#annkoefflerhref=”http://voo.html”>floating_kitty_


Rik Olson’s Draws Crests!

Rik Olson has used his remarkable scratchboard technique to create this multi-faceted crest for
a religious entity. Rik ‘s versatility and acute sense of composition of all things , make him a
perfect candidate to tackle any subject known to man or in this case God! Rik’ s sets a tone in
all of his endeavors and never fails to achieve the desired result.


Agnes Yi Gets Ready for Summer!

Agnes Yi is an illustrator who likes to interpret every day images into ones that challenge
the eye and tickle the spirit! The cup is arrayed with boats and ships and filled with some
foamy concoction. Set on land with umbrellas rather mixes up what is expected. A twist
on summer fun, and a reminder that it is on the way! Let’s take a cue from Agnes and enjoy
seeing things with a different perspective!#annkoeffler


Dick Cole Watercolors a Poignant Moment!

Dick Cole was commissioned to do this piece by a friend. Dick was given a black and white
photo, dog eared and ragged, and asked to replicate it in Dick’s magical watercolor style. As
you can see this is a bridal photo circa the 1930’s. This photograph of his friend’s was of his
mother. ¬†This was going to be given to her this year as a Mother’s Day gift. What a beautiful
tribute. What a beautiful painting!

Dick Cole Watercolor