Andrea Jensen Illustrates Children!

Andrea Jensen  created this precious piece of her niece and nephew carving out a Halloween pumpkin. Famous for her spot on ability to create likenesses of famous people such as Lauren Hutton, Audrey Hepburn and Donald Trump to name a few-here she  applies her talents to  family. She captures a poignancy , and a feeling of wonder and awe which is an integral part of childhood.



Andrea Jensen Illustrates Cosmetics!

Andrea Jensen was commissioned to do an extensive project for Lauen Hutton’s line of make-up. Here Andrea does a detailed visual on exactly where a particular product is supposed to be applied. As you can see she has nailed Lauren’s likeness. Andrea is a master at depicting the heart and soul of a person. More of her work can be seen on my website


Andrea Jensen Draws Hillary!

Once again Andrea Jensen has captured the essence of another well known individual-in this case world
figure! While photography can of course accomplish the same objective, it is not as efficient many times in making the person come alive. Andrea Jensen has worked with some remarkable clients including illustrating the corporate heads of Target and as well as Lauren Hutton and  her make-up line. Andrea’s magic has also graced books as well as installations . If you happen to be in the market for a portrait she is your girl!


Andrea Jensen Draws Jennifer!

This illustration was done by Andrea Jenson of her sister Jennifer! Here she is riding her bike near
one of the many waterways in the magnificent state of Minnesota where both women hale from- right outside of Minneapolis. Andrea typically works in black and white but is also adept at adding color. As Jennifer now lives in Venice Beach California, this illustration so beautifully executed was done as a sentimental tribute to her beloved sister!



Andrea Jensen ‘s Putin!

Andrea Jensen portrays Putin here evoking an expression of deep thought. Vladimir Putin, a
former KGB officer , has been a formidable force in Russian politics when he joined the ranks
of Boris Yeltsin’s in 1999. I think that Andrea Jensen has nailed this man’s disposition and has
captured his resemblence to a tee! With merely a pencil and paper Andrea can create magic!


Andrea Jensen’s Interpretation of Lena Dunham!

Lena Dunham is one of those people who pops up out of the blue , with a totally original
social commentary on twenty somethings in this day and age! Her series Girls , has aired since
2012 and had received 2 Golden Globe nominations. She is the driving force of the series as
the primary actor, as well as the author and sometimes director . It’s razor a edged look at how
dysfunctional alot of young adults from affluent backgrounds are . She takes risks, she portrays
herself unapologetically .  She is quite the ground breaker in my humble opinion!




Andrea Jensen Illustrates Elton John Nesting Dolls!

Andrea Jensen illustrated a book called Just Enough of Too Much, a whimsical gift catalogue that spoofs the conventional shopping experience. It offers a collection of literally out of this world types of gifts! This particular image speaks to the Russian tradition of dolls nesting within one another. Here we have Elton John in 5 separate stage outfits. These dolls can be fully nested , disassembled or displayed separately. All this for a mere $28 million! Buy while the supply lasts!