Catherine Huerta Draws a Sea Storm!

In this illustration Catherine Huerta has captured not only the severity of the situation, but the terror that was going on in these kids heads. They were facing their own mortality! Out on the mean seas alone to their own devices. Catherine did not miss a nuance here. She has illustrated countless books,not to mentioned all the work that she has done for design firms, advertising agencies and and clients direct over the years.




Catherine Huerta Illustrates JeSuis Charlie!

Catherine Huerta illustrated this piece in honor of of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that was attacked in January of 2015 . Once again Catherine has taken an object of love and affection, a dog, to help erase the pain and horror that ensued that day. Her portrayal gives hope to all of the people who were touched by this incident in Paris and all over the world!


Catherine Huerta’s Festival Ilustration!

Awhile back ,Catherine Huerta was hired to illustrate a design for a children’s festival-dedicated to teaching children the magic of the universe ! The image was used for their promotional poster as well as for a tee shirt. It wowed the audience and the festival was a great success. Some of that I attribute to Catherine, who as usual was able to capture the spirit of the children about to experience the wonders of the universe.



Catherine Huerta ‘s Street Art !

Catherine Huerta , woman of many talents, has been participating in a Street Art Project in France.
Here is a partial view of her recent contribution. Catherine not only designs the format but also executes the imagery from start to finish. In addition to this bold, graphic style, Catherine is also expert at trompe-l’ocell-taking a realistic image and morphing it into an optical illusion. Besides that , she has a wide array of styles and has illustrated many books over the years!


Catherine Huerta’s Kids in Rafts!

Catherine Huerta created this image for Bantam Books in New York. There are a series of books
called Choose Your Own Adventure for Young Adults. This image was the cover of one of those
books. Catherine has created a pictorial that fiercely expresses the fear that these kids are
experiencing. Her ability to convey emotion is one of her many fortes!


Catherine Huerta Creates a Masthead!

Catherine Huerta did a number of illustrations for a start-up- Platinum ARK Entertainment a couple of
years ago as an educational ,earth-friendly program for children throughout the world by co-owner Kim Genet . Created by Catherine Huerta for PAE , this masthead conveys the spirit of the company in a dynamic and inclusive manner. Instilling children with earth friendly principles at an early age , is one of the most brilliant and life sustaining endeavors that anyone could encourage. Good for you Kim Genet!


Catherine Huerta ‘s Sci-fi Man!

Catherine Huerta did this painting for Kensington Publishers and is part of  her portrait series of Warbots. This particular one she used for her 2014 greeting card. It conveys the idea that getting to 2014 was not easy! She refers to this Warbot as Samurai Lizardbot and the imagery impresses one with the idea that this guy means business! Happy New Year and don’t mess with me!