Jiong Li Draws the Snowy Owl!

Jiong Li has captured the poignancy of a little snowy owl that could break your heart! Jiong has a long list of people who rely on him to create the perfect image for the project at hand. This piece  was done for a delivery firm in San Diego called Lynx as a holiday promotion.




Jiong Li ‘s “Introspection” !

Jiong Li has an insatiable desire to understand himself and the world around him! His curiosity has enhanced his creative process in a number of ways. He has always been an artist. He not only designs ads and promotional pieces, but creates distinctive company logos and company identification. Jiong is not afraid to confront his audience as he does here! He tackles each job assigned to him with enthusiasm and gusto. Why not hire him and find out for yourself?

Jiong Li’s Design for UCR Welcome Week!

Jiong Li, illustrator and designer, recently completed a design project for one of his regular
clients -the University of California Riverside. The project consisted of creating a poster to
encourage students to attend a week-long series of events . All of which were associated with
the opening of the new school year. The poster was designed to be seen from both sides, thus
visible from many sites of the UCR campus. The two campus symbols , the University Bell Tower
and the two university mascots Scotty the Bear , as well as the listing of events were included
into the design.The poster has wit and energy in my opinion and I sure was a hit with everyone associated with UCR!


Jiong Li Illustrates His Daughter!

My new artist Jiong Li is a designer as well as an illustrator. He is originally from Shanghai , China but currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area. Jiong has worked with a number of high end clients including Sony, American Express and San Diego Gas & Electric .This particular piece is one of two ink sketches that he did of his daughter Clare. Using his unique calligraphic approach to illustration, Jiong creates a bold yet simple and elegant image. A modern yet classic approach to art that teases the viewer to see more!


Jiong Li’s Personal Perspective!

Jiong Li designed this postcard while he was in an MFA program years ago. The idea behind the concept is that he did not necessarily feel Chinese nor did he feel American! Upon reflection he decided that he saw himself as a “Traveler” . I see this as an indication of his profound depth which lends to his phenomenal talent! Not only does he compose imagery , but he uses Chinese Calligraphy to hand letter titles as well as create calligraphic images.