Rik Olson Draws Escher!

Rik Olson has managed to tune into M.C. Escher’s phenomenal way of juxtaposing spaces into mysterious and elegant patterns. Rik’s use of line clearly demonstrates his ability to convey the true spirit of M.C.Escher, a master of modern day print making.



Rik Olson’s Draws Crests!

Rik Olson has used his remarkable scratchboard technique to create this multi-faceted crest for
a religious entity. Rik ‘s versatility and acute sense of composition of all things , make him a
perfect candidate to tackle any subject known to man or in this case God! Rik’ s sets a tone in
all of his endeavors and never fails to achieve the desired result.


Rik Olson’s 1930’s Loading Dock!

Rik Olson created this vintage illustration for the Pelligrino Bros. winery awhile back. The winery is in the glorious wine country area of Sonoma county. This particular image was created using Rik’s well known scrathboard technique. Rik is also proficient in wood cutting . Rik Olson is an amazingly prolific artist and more of his work can be seen at annkoeffler.com .

Loading dock2

Rik Olson ‘s Stunning Take on an Italian Landmark!

Rik Olson lived in Florence Italy for many years early on in his artistic career. Rik Olson and his wife Brita traveled extensively while there. Of special interest to Rik was the gravity defying Leaning Tower of Pisa. Built in medieval times, a mere 840 years ago, it has remained standing, all 14.500 tons of it! Located in the Tuscany area of Italy, it is a visitors delight as it can be scaled, walking 294 stairs of its spiral staircase. Rik Olson has embellished this tower with perfectly executed detail and flourish.


Rik Olson Draws Point Reyes!

Rik Olson , scratchboard , linocut, and woodcut artist , has illustrated the magnificent Point Reyes Peninsula. A national seashore and natural sanctuary, it has attracted tourists from all over the world. The lighthouse was built to sit below the unusual , high fog area which is prevalent in the winter. Here Rik Olson in my opinion, has captured both the immense beauty of the area, as well as  a sense of permanence and loftiness that the area conveys. A remarkable piece of artwork , testimony to the ability of man and the mystery of nature.


Rik Olson Illustrates for the Bohemian!

Rik Olson was chosen to illustrate the cover of the Bohemian , a weekly magazine.This particular issue announced the yearly winners of the reader’s poll for “Best Artists”. The magazine is a local resource with over 150 categories of subjects and services. Rik was asked to create a retro theme which I think he totally nailed! Decals were created taken from elements of the cover. Winners received one to display in their stores or at their places of business. Notice that a cow is co-piloting the rocket ship-a vision that can only be seen if you visit this magnificent area!


Rik Olson Draws Botanicals!

Rik Olson created this scratchboard illustration for a client years ago. Six lovely cherries dangling from a branch with ethereal leaves, that soothes the spirit with tranquility and joy! Rik has created hundreds of botanicals ranging from food, wine, and herbal labels to name a few. He oftentimes utilizes his vast experience with his signature wood cut style.