Roger Chouinard Draws for Washington Post!

Roger Chouinard  once again wowed with his conceptual abilities as well as his artistic ones. Roger was commissioned to do two illustrations for the Washington Post . The pieces accompanied a story in the Travel Section about the perks of traveling. Eating good food and drinking great wine. What a delight!



Roger Chouinard Draws the Caribbean!

Roger Chouinard has distinguished himself as an artist who combines whimsy with elegance. His conceptual ability takes his work to levels that astound his clients. Here  he has added the element of wood to signify water. Add to that his economy of line and color that teases yet informs the viewer. Roger did this piece recently for the Travel Section of the Washington Post, art directed by Matthew Callahan .


Roger Chouinard ‘s “Love Sick” Spec Work!

Roger Chouinard did this amazingly imaginative let alone humorous piece as a spec for a job awhile back. From seeing this you can understand why his work is in demand. He loves what he does and his clients are never disappointed. If you are in a quandary about how to proceed conceptually run it past Roger. He would be most happy to collaborate with you!


Roger Chouinard for Boston Scientific!

Notice the spring in her step regardless of the weight she is carrying! Here Roger
Chouinard visually sums up the relief that comes from using an HTA system . In his
inimitable way he always manages to nail the concept and in an humorous and succinct
manner. Consequently Roger is delighting clients all over the globe!


Roger Chouinard ‘s Robot Love!

Roger Chouinard’s brain is wired in a way by which he can see something and
build story around it. In this case he was inspired by a small piece of red plastic
and voila , here is what came from it! Roger has had a highly successful career
taking what might seem to be a vague and obscure concept, and bring it to life –
thus conveying a clear cut idea. It informs and it pleases the viewer’s eye at the
same time!

Roger Chouinard ‘s Congressional Bailout!

Emergency bailouts are controversial . In 2008 pro-free market advocates argued
that all that was accomplished was passing the buck on to the taxpayers. Corporate
Welfare, as it has been called for companies that perhaps needed assistance due to
incompetence and/or mismanagement. All in all there were 947 recipients. On a positive
note Chrysler has been named as the poster child of the bailouts. They used the money
to exalt their company and continue to prosper. Roger ‘s leaking rowboat and the fervor
that these guys are displaying visually informs the dilemma! Another brilliant job Roger!


Roger Chouinard Concepts Austerity!

Roger Chouinard did this illustration to convey what happens when austerity programs are
put in place. European’s in particular have endured the phenomena of it’s consequences.
The population as a whole is squeezed, or wrung out as Roger so capably depicts here. The
fat cats per usual don’t bat an eye!