Andrea Jensen Illustrates Children!

Andrea Jensen  created this precious piece of her niece and nephew carving out a Halloween pumpkin. Famous for her spot on ability to create likenesses of famous people such as Lauren Hutton, Audrey Hepburn and Donald Trump to name a few-here she  applies her talents to  family. She captures a poignancy , and a feeling of wonder and awe which is an integral part of childhood.



Catherine Huerta Illustrates JeSuis Charlie!

Catherine Huerta illustrated this piece in honor of of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that was attacked in January of 2015 . Once again Catherine has taken an object of love and affection, a dog, to help erase the pain and horror that ensued that day. Her portrayal gives hope to all of the people who were touched by this incident in Paris and all over the world!


Jiong Li ‘s “Introspection” !

Jiong Li has an insatiable desire to understand himself and the world around him! His curiosity has enhanced his creative process in a number of ways. He has always been an artist. He not only designs ads and promotional pieces, but creates distinctive company logos and company identification. Jiong is not afraid to confront his audience as he does here! He tackles each job assigned to him with enthusiasm and gusto. Why not hire him and find out for yourself?

Melissa McGill Illustrates Holiday Whimsy and Beauty!

Melissa McGill named this piece “Most Beautiful” and it truly is! Melissa continues to delight her audience with her ravishing images inspired by the wonders that surround her! Utilizing her ancient encaustic method she has captured the likes of Saathchi Art and has a string of commercial clients including ATT, Sony, Elle, McGraw-Hill. Nuanced images are enhanced by her striking use of color.

Agnes Yi Draws Map of Toronto!

Agnes Yi , a transplant to Toronto from South Korea illustrated this imaginative map ! Agnes a self -described  super sensitive person , gets  her inspiration from traveling and imbibing in the atmosphere of wherever she happens to be. She has received major recognition, including the award of the OCAD Medallion from OCAD her alma mater. She is a self described fashionista which is reflected in her work. Do you agree?

toronto map

Andrea Jensen Illustrates Cosmetics!

Andrea Jensen was commissioned to do an extensive project for Lauen Hutton’s line of make-up. Here Andrea does a detailed visual on exactly where a particular product is supposed to be applied. As you can see she has nailed Lauren’s likeness. Andrea is a master at depicting the heart and soul of a person. More of her work can be seen on my website


Roger Chouinard ‘s “Love Sick” Spec Work!

Roger Chouinard did this amazingly imaginative let alone humorous piece as a spec for a job awhile back. From seeing this you can understand why his work is in demand. He loves what he does and his clients are never disappointed. If you are in a quandary about how to proceed conceptually run it past Roger. He would be most happy to collaborate with you!